As a recommended printer for self publishers, we want to celebrate World Book Day by boasting the talents of our self-publishing authors

Printer for Self Publishers Celebrates World Book Day

World Book Day is celebrated around the world every year.
Parents frantically looking for costumes to dress up their children in their favourite characters is a common scene in many households!
With many schools making the most of such an interest in printed books by their pupils!

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WPG have printed many paperback books as well as hard back books over the years

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Just lately, we have had the pleasure of printing some beautiful children’s books

Recommended Printer for Self Publishers

Many of our self-publishing authors have gone on to recommend us, this has led to many more authors finding our book printing services.
So to celebrate world book day, here’s a selection of these beautifully written and illustrated children’s books we have printed and details of where you can buy them.


Bernie and Boatie

Bernie and Boatie is a fun, colourful book written by Natalie Reeves Billing for the Boat of Hope charity in support of mental health awareness
The story tells the tale of a young boy and his boat who face multiple ups and downs at sea. Together they discover there’s nothing to fear and a problem is halved when it’s shared with a friend.
This follows the real-life journey of Bernie Hollywood, OBE as he undertakes his greatest endurance test yet for charity.
Bernie and Boatie can be bought from many local books shops and AMAZON

Fudges-Evening-Adventure-book-printing-by-WPG Printer for Self Publishers

Fudge’s Evening Adventure

Fudge’s Evening Adventure tells the story about Fudge, the miniature dachshund and the animals she encounters on and around the Honeyborne family farm, where Matt, Rachel, their daughter Olivia and their animal friends live.
The book was written by Liz O’Rourke, illustrated by Simon O’Rourke with the page and cover design by Sarah Fountain of Fountain Creative.
The idea for the story came after Olivia was treated at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital with all proceeds going to this wonderful charity

The books cost £6 (including postage) and can be purchased here


Lamby Book Series

The Lamby series of books are written by Jude Lennon of Little Lamb Publishing. They have been beautifully illustrated by Holly Bushnell Illustration.
These colourful & fun books bring Lamby to life in many different roles.
All Jude’s books can be bought from her website

UK Book Printing Service - Ted-the-sea-me Printer for Self Publishers

Ted, the Sea and Me

Ted, the Sea and Me is a children’s book written by Anna Granger that tells the story of Tilly and is aimed at supporting children’s wellbeing. The book has been beautifully illustrated by Leanne Coelho.
Ted, the Sea and Me is available in many book stores and directly from
together with soft toys from the book and activity packs too.


Zebedee Zeeker Books

These fun & heartwarming books are written by Andy Kenwright about The World’s Best Zookeeper.
The Zebedee Zeeker stories are based on the fictional escapades of the real-life Mickey, an incorrigible chimpanzee from Liverpool’s Zoological Park located in the Mossley Hill area during the 1930s.
Zebedee Zeeker can be bought directly from the website

All these books are fantastic reads with beautiful illustrations

Why not look at buying one of these locally written and self-published books, it might inspire next year’s world book day costume???
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