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UK Book Printing Service

WPG offer a UK book printing service and offer many options from a short run of digitally printed books to a long run of litho printed books, these can be paperback or hardback and bound in many different ways!

Different Types of UK Book Printing Service

There are many different options to consider when having a book printed.

Hardback Books

Hardback books can be case bound with a printed paper case or they often have a textured wibalin material cover and then an added dust jacket. Hardback books can also be wiro-bound plus have many optional finishing extras including block foiling.

Paperback Books

Paperback books are possibly the most popular book type and the ones we are asked to print most often. Sometimes referred to as perfect bound or softback books, they can vary in style between being perfect bound or being stitched.

Which Book Print Style Should You Choose?

If you are looking at getting a book printed, the style will depend on how many pages the book will have.

Perfect Bound Books

We would recommend that a perfect-bound book needs to really have a minimum of 26 pages – this can be 24 pages with a cover in thicker paper.

The maximum amount of pages would be roughly 600 but this is dependant on your paper choice. There is a fine balance for the binding process to be effective, too many pages can lead to the glue breaking up due to the weight of the book but not enough pages can mean the glue not taking well enough.

If you do need to print fewer than 26 pages, we recommend a stitched book.

Stitched Books

These books would be collated in sections and then bound with two staples through the centre of all the pages. This method is known as staple binding, saddle stitched or sometimes booklet binding.

WPG UK Book Printing Service Can Help You

We have many years experience of printing books and work closely with our clients to ensure we create the exact book you are looking to have printed. We also work with many publishing service companies to assist authors in bringing their books to life.

One company we have collaborated with many times is TeamAuthorUK.

Get in touch for more information on our UK Book Printing Service – Call us on 01938 552260

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