Do you know much about print marketing? Are you finding it a bit of struggle to get back to normal following the unforgiving pandemic crisis? Well we are here to help to give you some ideas on how to start promoting your business using print marketing. There are hundreds of different ways to get your business noticed using print, but we have chosen 6 of the best ways to get your business recognised by new and existing customers.


a roller banner in the mosquito style - standard roller banner design







Think about it, if you saw a sign that caught your eye; big or small, bright, and colourful, would you read it? Chances are, you would say yes. Now, how could your signage catch your customers eye? There are plenty of different signs you could have to promote your business for example, Pavement Signs, Store Signs and Roadside Banners to name a few.

Signage is a great way to entice people to visit your shop or website to take a look at your products and services. But now you just need to create a sign that is visually appealing for your customers. Not the most creative type? No problem, our design team can create eye catching and beautiful products to suit your needs.

Branded Products 

branded welshpool printing group penswpg branded face mask






Branded products can help you promote your business with every day items, for example, pens, mugs, notepads, water bottles and potentially the most in demand products at the minute, Face Masks!! These products can be complimentary gifts to your customers to encourage them to visit your business. These products are going to be used by them everyday, so if they ever need a product or service you provide again, your name is going to be the first one they see.


tourist attraction information flyerconservative flyer

Flyers can be a little trickier to promote with, but they are very affordable and can be very effective with the right information. Customers do not want to be bombarded with rubbish flyers with no helpful information on them, so make sure you are providing them with good information and quality products or deals.

With a brilliant design, you will catch the eye of your potential customers, and drive them straight to your store or website.


wpg branded calendar

Where do you have a calendar? Your house? Your office? We are going to suggest you have a calendar somewhere that you use regularly. Now how would you like to have your very own company calendar in your customers houses or office? They would see it every day, and you can use it to promote your products and services every month.

Regardless of what you would like to promote throughout the year, you can make it specific based on the time of year. Calendars are a cost effective way of marketing directly to your customers every month.

Business Cards

wpg business card stack

Business cards are a great product to use to target specific clients and customers. You are obviously not going to be handing out business cards to everyone you meet. But definitely distribute your business cards to potential clients. Regardless whether those potential customers need your services right now or in a few months’ time, chances are they will keep your business card as an option for the future.

I bet you’re asking though, how am I going to give them our business cards? Good question, you have the option of sending them a sample of a service you supply in the post and including your business card. Or you can plan a trip around potential buyers and go and visit them yourselves now that lock-down has eased.

Direct Mailing

Have you ever considered doing a direct mail campaign? Let us tell you that with an effective direct mail idea, you can achieve more sales than online marketing. People still love to receive items in the post, and are starting to get frustrated with being bombarded with marketing emails. So let us help you change it up a bit.

With beautifully designed print marketing such as post card, gift, or interactive mailer, you will catch the eye of your potential customers who you are targeting. We can provide you with top quality print to achieve the ROI you are aiming for.

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