Calendars, Wall Planners & Desk Pads

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Personalised Calendars, Wall Planners and Desk Pads

Calendars, wall planners and desk pads can be branded with your logos to keep you organised, while you advertise your business and your products on them.

Many of our clients like to provide a useful gift to their customers and branded stationery items are perfect for that.

Branded gifts are a great marketing tool and they are good value for money.

They are a great way to publicise a new look for your business, or to promote a new product line with a year-long shelf life.

WPG uses branded gifts for our own corporate customers because we recognise the value of having your name on the walls and desks of your clients, all year, each year.

We think it is a nice touch. We hear that they are appreciated by our customers. And we believe that your customers will benefit from your branded annual planners too.


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