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How often are you out and about on the road throughout Mid Wales, Wales, the rest of the UK? How often do you think people see your van up and down the country? Now think, if you had vehicle graphics, how many people would read what’s on your van? We would say that is a lot of people. Yes, driving can be super boring, especially if you’re stuck in traffic, but that gives people more time to read what you are trying to advertise. See, it’s not always a bad thing if you’re stuck in traffic (My optimistic way of thinking).

There are so many ways to brand your vehicle to make it stand out to other drivers. You can have something as simplistic as your name and trade and contact number, for you tradesmen. Or you can go all out and have a full vehicle body wrap, which will definitely catch the eyes of everyone on the road.

Have a read below on why vehicle graphics are important for your business;

#1 – It’s Practically FREE!

Now, yes, we understand you need to purchase the vehicle; however, chances are you already have it, and you will need to pay for the graphics to be fitted. But what are the charges after that? You don’t have any, free advertising for years to come, depending on how long you keep your vehicle. Advertising in a magazine, newspaper, or shop, or online? You need to pay for this, for however long you want to keep it in the public eye. But not with vehicle graphics, it’s in the public eye all the time, and no extra cost spent on your behalf.

#2 – Mobile Advertising

Need to get your name out there? Recommendations from friends and family are great, but how far do they actually go? You will pass people every day who have no idea who you are, so seeing a professionally installed vehicle graphic will give people the incentive to contact you. It is likely that there will be someone needing your trade just as you drive past; it’s fate!

#3 – It’s Temporary

A brand change can give a little more life to any company, showing everyone, you are keeping modern and with the times. Same goes to your vehicle graphics. Remember, they can be only temporary, so if they need to be altered, you can change them. Not only that, you are more than likely going to have to change your vehicle at least once during your company’s lifetime. So, don’t stress if it needs to come off or changed.

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WPG have the experience to install high quality vehicle graphics, to make your business stand out from the crowd. We have three different options for you to choose from to provide you with advertising you need to turn heads and be noticed. Contact us to ask about the different options we have to offer for your vehicle.

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