Let your clients know you are back and ready for business with a personalised mailshot for less than £1 each (on average).

Successive lockdowns have taken their toll on companies and organisers of events have suffered too. But a great way to let your clients and contacts know that you are back to full strength and ready for business is to send them a personalised letter, or a postcard, through their door.

Many events from last year have been rolled over to this year and following Freedom Day and mass vaccinations, we can at last begin to start looking forward to the new ‘near normal’ way of life.

Personalised postcard

WPG Ltd Sales Director Andy Bebb said: “There’s no better way to let your customers know that you still care about them and that you are back in business, than to send them a personalised postcard, or a letter or a flyer in an envelope, through the post.

“Now that Covid restrictions are easing, it is the perfect time for companies to let customers know about new brands and products they are launching this autumn/winter, or to publicise events.


“Social media is such a competitive, fast-paced world, so the best way to grab someone’s undivided attention is still to send them a letter through their door. At WPG Ltd we can offer you friendly, expert advice on mailing and postage services. We help our customers by managing their campaigns from start to finish, taking away the stress. We produce your targeted direct mail campaigns with minimum waste, at a minimum cost, with maximum returns, in an eco-friendly way.

“Now is a great time to let your customers know what’s been going on in your company.”

Publicise your event, brand, product or company

This double-sided postcard to publicise an Advance Notice of Street Closures for Pride In London on September 11 2021, is an example of what we can print and send. The event is supported by the Mayor of London and the City of Westminster, celebrating London as a global beacon of equality and diversity.

colour map of central London

We can publicise your event, brand, product or company in a similar way.

For details about our targeted mailshots, contact Andy on 01938 557110 or visit https://www.wpg-group.com/mailing-postage/

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