Window & Wall Graphics

WPG offer a range of custom printed wall graphics and window graphics to suit all spaces and budgets.

Wall Graphics Printing

Wall graphics are becoming a popular way of marketing as they offer an affordable and effective way of making the most out of your wall space!

From simple vinyl sticker signage placed on internal walls, inspirational phrases to inspire your team to vibrant colourful graphics filling whole walls.

We can help you to transform your office or shop walls with any design you want.

Window Graphics

Use your windows to grab the attention of passers-by!  You can be as vibrant as you like with a personalised window design..

Choose transparent or one-way-vision for privacy but still allow light to flow through, even on a full print!

You can give a whole new look with custom printed vinyl wall graphics for your walls or windows in a very cost-effective way.


Vinyl Lettering & Cut Vinyl Logos

We can also print and cut vinyl lettering as well as your company logos.

This can be used for many applications, allowing a huge range of options for you and your organisation.

On a smaller scale, we can also print large posters to a size and shape you want, a perfect way to brighten up any room or space.

Designing Your Wall Graphics?

We can help you from the very beginning by helping you to choose the right wall covering to suit your needs and budget.

We are happy to accept high-resolution artwork if you want to design your own wallart or we can also assist with the design, as much or as little as you want us to.

We have an experienced design team here at WPG who can help you achieve the look you are after and we can even help install your wall graphics

Office Wall Coverings

WPG offer a service where we can print and assemble wallpaper and wall coverings. These are perfect to personalise an office, retail or public space, or even your home. Blank walls are the ideal canvas for bespoke wallpaper or custom murals.

Using unique wallpaper coverings to brighten and decorate your office, school or shop creates a memorable experience and lasting impression for everyone who sees it.

We can print large-scale ambitious designs using our wide-format printers.

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WPG offer complete signage solutions

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