Wallpaper & Wall Coverings

WPG offer a service where we can print and assemble wallpaper and wall coverings. These are perfect to personalise an office, retail or public space, or even your home. Blank walls are the ideal canvas for bespoke wallpaper or custom murals.

Not only are we able to print large scale designs using our wide format printers. We can print and cut vinyl lettering as well, allowing a huge range of options for you and your organisation. Using wallpaper coverings to brighten and decorate offices, schools, retail displays and much more can create a memorable experience and lasting impression for those who see it. For any personal requirements get in touch today, and we can help you with any special requirements you have to design and create your perfect wall.

Not wanting something so big on your walls, we can also provide you with posters to brighten up your room without the too distracting imagery 9if that’s more your thing).

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Wallpaper & Wall Coverings

The addition of interior signage could make you stand out to potential customers. A good first impression is so important when trying to impress visitors and clients. It can also provide an inspirational and engaging environment. WPG can help you design and bring life to a blank wall. Whether you are looking for a feature wall, motivational message, or your company timeline, WPG can provide the very best materials and service to make it stand out.

We can also offer you a temporary wall covering, which is perfect for promotions and shorter campaigns.

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