Awards & Trophies

Awards & Trophies

Awards and trophies are now available to purchase from Welshpool Printing Group. Previously known as Powys Trophies, WPG brought them under their company name in 2019 growing the company and offering a wide range of services.

WPG have an outstanding selection of trophies, glassware and gifts available to purchase. We can supply your clubs, companies and associations with quality trophies and awards for your ceremonies and occasions. WPG can also supply a service to engrave and personalise all your purchased trophies and gifts. This will give them that extra special thought and make them more worthwhile.

We have a couple of engraving options for you to choose from to suit your choice of award…


Sandblasting – Glass Engraving

This technique is the process of blasting the glass surface with grit which marks the surface. Patterns and designs can be produced by using a mask which resists the abrasive force from the sandblaster.


Trophy Plate Engraving

Plate engraving is a service that engraves text into a small plate to attach to the trophies. These are the most common types of trophy engraving, as you can attach these plates to several types and styles of trophy. And on some trophies, you can add numerous plates, allowing for an annual trophy for a specific occasion.

Engraving plates come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours which will fit in perfect with your choice of trophy.

Please see below our catalogues where you can see the huge range of trophies and gifts for you to choose from. Otherwise please give us a call, and we can provide you with the best options for your chosen award or gift.

Please contact us today for any enquiries you may have regarding trophies and awards.

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