Promotional Deckchairs

Promotional deckchairs are perfect for all kinds of events.

Not only can deckchairs be used for comfortable seating but can carry strong branding to promote your business or event.

Cost-Effective Promotions

Promotional deckchairs are a cost-effective way of producing handy, fold-away seating for event guests whilst promoting your brand or event.

The deckchairs make for great, comfortable seating with their strong canvas slings and adjustable reclining frames.

They don’t just make perfect promotional seating for festivals and outdoor events but are just as handy for indoor events due to the convenience of their lightweight, foldaway design.


Quality Branded Promotional Deckchairs

WPG supply high-quality deck chairs that are manufactured in the UK using hardwood and quality metal swivel hinges.

The deckchair slings are made with a heavyweight, weatherproof canvas fabric.

Custom printed deckchairs are an ideal way to advertise your brand.

  • Foldaway Seating
  • Great for Spring & Summer Outdoor Events
  • Interchangeable Graphics
  • Waterproof & Washable Canvas
  • Printed and Manufactured in UK

Picture Perfect Deckchair


Promotional deckchairs make great backdrops for photos plus are greatly  shared on social media, giving your brand great awareness.

What’s better than a branded deckchair?


A Giant Branded Deckchair!

Giant branded deckchairs can be a great way to make your brand or event stand out.


Promotional Deckchair Design

You can personalise deckchairs any way you want to by including a mix of logos, photographs and text.

We can help you by designing your branded deckchairs with something special for you are we can provide a deckchair design template if you would prefer to supply your own design.

Our design team is on hand to answer any questions you might have about designing your own personalised deckchair.

Deckchair Replacement Slings

The canvas part of a deckchair is called the sling. The deckchair slings are easily interchangeable, so you can purchase separate covers for different events but use the same deckchair frames.

Giant Deckchair on a Budget!

Would you like a personalised giant deckchair without the big cash outlay?

To save on the cost of your own personalised giant deckchair, you can purchase a giant deckchair sling from us and hire our frame for your events


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