Local Authorities and Government

Local Authorities & Government

WPG have supported many local and government authorities over the years. WPG understands the importance of having top quality material to promote your campaigns to your communities. We work with many different services, such as, County councils, local councils and political parties, to name a few.

Over the years we have produced a huge amount of work for these services, please see below some examples;

  • Stationery
  • Newsletters
  • Family Housing Booklets
  • Road Traffic Signs
  • Tourism Cards and Leaflets
  • Ballot Papers
  • Public Notice Booklets

Evidently these products are in the eye of hundreds of thousands of people, and WPG have been trusted to complete these highly recognised orders. Ensuring that these products are finished to an exceptional standard is our responsibility, and we are passionate about providing high quality work to all of our customers.

We have successfully tendered and are on the preferred supplier lists for many councils and organisations. For example the Welsh Assembly, Haringey Council, The Queens Club, Sheffield Council to name just a few. We realise the importance to Local authorities the need for Quality and Environmental standards and as we are ISO accredited for both this helps us onto the frameworks. We are also FSC accredited and were in the first 1% of printers in the UK to be certified.

WPG also offer mailing in house, therefore this allows us to offer the full package to the Local authorities and as its all under one roof helps with the Carbon Footprint of the job.

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