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Welshpool Printing Group work with and print for many design agencies. We realise how important it is that we fully understand each requirement of each one of their clients. Our very experienced team have the skills and expertise to ensure we deliver an exceptional product and service to each agency. This is to ensure each of their clients are getting the specification and design that they desire.

By working in partnership with these particular agencies we can offer a wide range of luxury high-end finishes and solutions. It is these exciting new projects that keep our team on their toes.

WPG have design agencies that we print for across the country throughout Wales & Shropshire, all across England and all the way into Scotland. We are delighted to have some of our most loyal customers right on our doorstep in Shrewsbury.

As we are aware some agencies do not wish to disclose their print partners to their own client. Therefore in this case, we also offer a White Label service so we can ensure that the product at hand is completely confidential to your customer. We will include no promotional content on any part of the job. Please ensure that you advise us of this as soon as possible. 

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