WPG have three flags available to purchase which can be designed to suit your brand and style. They are perfect for outdoor situations such as sporting events, county shows and trade fairs. They are also perfect for indoor purposes such as exhibitions, retail promotions and show rooms.

You have the choice to have any of the following flags single or double sided to promote what is best for you for any event.

The 4 flags available are as follows;


This lightweight, easily portable and eye-catching flag is perfect for shopping centres, summer events and forecourts giving you the perfect advert for your business. Available in numerous sizes and suitable for a range of bases for ease of set up and take down.

                                                Single Sided           Double Sided

Small (2.8 meters)                   £75.00                                                 £120.00
Medium (3.6 meters)              £85.00                                                 £135.00
Large (4.5 meters)                   £110.00                                                £180.00
X Large (5.6 meters)               £125.00                                                N/A



A part of the Zoom Lite flexible collection, the feather flag shape is available in 4 different sizes, allowing you to choose the best flag for the occasion

                                          Single Sided                 Double Sided

Small (2.8 meters)                   £80.00                                                 £125.00
Medium (3.6 meters)              £90.00                                                 £145.00
Large (4.5 meters)                   £110.00                                                £180.00
X Large (5.6 meters)               £125.00                                                N/A



The Quill is the third flag in the collection, giving you a more rounded edge to your flag in the same sizes and is available to fit numerous of the different bases available.

                                                 Single Sided          Double Sided

Small (2.8 meters)                    £75.00                                                 £120.00
Medium (3.6 meters)              £85.00                                                 £135.00
Large (4.5 meters)                   £110.00                                                £180.00
X Large (5.6 meters)               £125.00                                                N/A


Flag Bases

There are multiple flag bases for you to choose from which are suitable for any occasion. Whether you are displaying on grass or concrete, we have the variety to offer the best flag base for you and your business.

Ground Spike – £12.00

Small Water – £12.00

Large Water – £22.00


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