Calendar Printing

Looking for professional calendar printing?

There are many options when choosing to have a company calendar printed, here at WPG, we can help you decide on the best option to suit your needs and budget.

We can print calendars in any size and any format – from a simple A4 saddle stitch to a bespoke size in a CD case.

Common calendar printing sizes:

  • A2 Calendars
  • A3 Calendars
  • A4 Calendars
  • Slim Calendars
  • Double A4 Calendars
  • Square Calendars

But you can have a calendar printed any size you require – just contact us to discuss your requirements


Calendar Printing Binding Options

There are many options as to how your calendar is bound too!

Popular calendar binding options:

  • Wiro Bound Calendars
  • Saddle Stitch Calendars
  • Spiral Bound Calendars

There are also other options to think about when looking at getting a calendar printed.

Calendars can be bound at the short end to provide a portrait wall calendar or bound at the long edge to produce a landscape wall calendar.

Saddle Stitch Calendars

Saddle stitch calendars are produced in a booklet style with two staples in the middle – like a printed book! These usually have the dates on the bottom and a picture on the top and have a drilled hole to enable them to be hung up.

Wiro Bound Calendars

Wiro bound calendars or wire-bound wall calendars are bound together with a durable, neat metal spiral in choice of colours and sizes to suit your needs.

Comb Bound Calendars

Comb bound calendars are similar to wirebound calendars but are bound with a plastic comb, these are a cheaper option on having a calendar printed when budge is tight. There is a choice of colours to choose from.

Calendar Sizes

A2 • A3 • A4 • A5 • CD • DL • Square • Slim • Special Sizes

Calendar Types

CD • Desk • Booklet • Jewel Case • Slim • Tent • Wall • Special Styles

Calendar Styles

Wire-O Bound • Saddle Stitched

Above shows the two most popular options for calendar printing, wiro bound & saddle stitch.

Company branded calendars make an excellent gift for customers to ensure your company name is on display for them to see all year.

We can also offer you CD and desktop Calendars. There are many options to choose from – contact us for more information.

Calendar Printing at WPG doesn’t have to cost the earth!

We can print your calendars on environmentally friendly paper too!

You can specify a paper with complete FSC Chain of Custody Certification plus we can Carbon Balance paper with The World Land Trust

Talk to us about our green values


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