Brochure Printing

If you are looking for brochure printing, WPG have many options for you!

Printed brochures are one of the most popular choices for printed marketing.

Whether you are looking for a simple brochure to promote your business, event or leisure facility or want a detailed booklet with lots of pages. Printed brochures are a really effective method to get your message, brand, products and services across in a simplistic way.

WPG-print-DL-brochures-A5-brochures-A4-brochuresWPG can provide a high-quality service for all your brochure printing requirements.

Any Size Brochure Printing

Brochures can be printed to any size with many different fold and bind options.

Popular brochure sizes include: A4, A5, DL (1/3rd A4) & 210mm square plus other sizes to your requirements.

Popular brochure fold options include: half fold, roll fold, z fold, concertina fold, endorsement fold and gate fold

Popular brochure binding options include: saddle-stitched, perfect bound and wiro bound.

WPG can help you decide which style of brochure will suit your needs.

Brochure Paper Options

As well as different size and binding options, we also have a wide range of high-quality paper stocks and finishes to choose from.

The most popular choices for brochures are gloss paper, silk paper and uncoated paper with the option of eco friendly. These come in different weights, popular brochure printing paper ranges from 100gsm up to 200gsm, but again, we are happy to advise you on this.

Creative Printed Brochures

There are also many extra options that really can alter the look and feel of a brochure

If you would like to be really creative, look at adding spot UV or block foiling to your brochures.

Spot UV is a clear shiny gloss varnish designed to enhance areas of your design that will give your brochure a premium, distinctive look.

Foil Blocking is a clever and innovative way of making a certain aspect of your brochure design really pop out.

There are many other finish options, see our print finishing page



Brochure Design & Print Service

We have years of experience in designing and printing brochures. Whatever impression you are wanting to portray, we can help you achieve it to effectively promote your brand.


Quick Turnaround on Brochure Printing

When your printed brochures are needed in a hurry, WPG will pull out all the stops to offer a quick turnaround for you.

Whether you want to design your own brochure and send us the artwork or you want our design team to work with you to produce the look you want to create, we are confident we can produce a high-quality brochure that will reflect your business or organisation to it’s best.

Brochure Printing PLUS Direct Mail


We can also provide a direct mail service for your brochure printing.

At WPG, we operate an in house mailing facility which is fully equipped to handle all kinds of mailouts including adding in inserts.

Click on the link below for more information or call us on 01938 552260

WPG Direct Mail Service


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