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Brochure Printing

For those perfect brochures to show case your business, WPG can provide the high quality service for brochure printing. High quality and razor sharp images, our new LED-UV printer can really bring your print to life. With faster drying for quicker a turn around, we are able to provide the best quality print in a fraction of the time. Keeping all the benefits of traditional high quality litho print, our LED-UV print is the ultimate in colour vibrancy.

The perfect brochure also requires the perfect finish. With our wide range of finishes, it’s what gives our customers the edge. For events, meetings and even mailings, WPG can help your business get in front of your key customers and prospects.

We provide an innovative approach to all your communication requirements, integrating the tactile, sensory nature of print as a way to engage your audience, to encourage customers to hold and read your promotion for longer.

Don’t take advantage of your brochure! It is important to ensure this is one of the best pieces of marketing you have to promote your business. This is because your brochure is the best way to show off what you do, with it’s informative and image focused marketing collateral.

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