Design and Print Services

Having design and print services, allows you to have your whole campaign created, printed and delivered under one roof.

We have expertise to give you advice and help your mailshot get the very best results. Which then means a better return of investment for your business. Our very skilled team of designers has the ability to produce the very best material to make your campaign and products a success.

As printing is primarily our largest service, we have all the modern technology to cater for all of your printing needs. We can ensure your print job is done in the most cost-effective way, allowing you to make the most from your products. By using the latest digital and litho printing technology, we can ensure your print material is the best it can be.

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WPG have sophisticated software allowing us to personalise printing, for example;

  • Printing completely different text in each letter;
  • Changing the offer made to the customer;
  • Changing the image to match the offer.

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