WPG Group Ltd are proud to have revamped one of the most established garages in Mid Wales – H Ballard and Son (Motors) – which is celebrating 100 years in the business, with a new image.
Most people in Welshpool have either bought a car from the family-owned garage, or they know someone in their family who has. Ballards are as busy as they ever were and brothers Adrian and Robert, and Adrian’s daughter, receptionist Beth, believe that 2021 is the perfect time to revamp the forecourt of the garage and to modernise its signage.
In need of a revamp
Rob said: “Most of our signs have been here since Rover changed to BMW in around 2006 and it felt like some of them had been here forever, going back to about 1998. The forecourt was starting to look dated and needed a revamp.

The signage was ready for a new look (above and below)

Old signage on a garage building
It is not surprising really because we have been in business in the town for around 100 years.
Some of our older customers will remember when we were based at the bottom of St Mary’s Church on Union Street. Our late father (Allan’s) Aunty Clara started the family business shortly after World War One and believe it or not, started off selling gramophone records. We still have some of them with our name on – the business went on to sell motorcycles, then moved onto motorcars.
Stand out
“We have a lot of the colour white, which isn’t the best colour for a garage really, so we had a think and decided on the silver and red colour scheme because we wanted to stand out. I think dad would have approved of it because it looks clean and fresh. It is important to give customers a good first impression when they are buying a car.”
Facebook plea
WPG Group Account Manager Kelly Griffiths said: “We were given the task of revamping the whole garage following on from a Facebook plea by the family, asking if there was anyone out there who could freshen up the signage at the garage.
“We responded and began to work on a visual concept for the business and we went from there.”
Rob Added: “We are really pleased with our new look, and it has gone down well with our customers too.”

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