McCartneys LLP – March’s Customer Focus

As a thank you to our clients, Welshpool Printing Group run a Customer Focus campaign. This campaign is to promote our wonderful customers and thank them for the business they provide us with.

This months Customer Focus is McCartneys LLP. Established in 1874, McCartneys LLP is an independent firm based around the Marches, Mid Wales and West Midlands. They have 13 property offices and 5 livestock markets within 5 separate counties. The firm consists of Auctioneers, Estate Agents, Chartered Surveyors and Valuers in these areas. We asked McCartneys several questions about their time with WPG Ltd.

Full Company Name

McCartneys LLP

How long have you been working with WPG and what made you decide to work with WPG?

Approximately 12 months. We wanted to work with a reputable local firm and in addition, WPG were very accommodating and flexible to our needs and requirements as well as being competitive on cost. It was important to us to be working with someone who could attend to our needs at short notice and for us to be able to visit and see face to face and review products with ease.

What has been your most successful job that you have had done at WPG and how have WPG helped in making your merchandise/products successful?

As we have been going through a complete re-brand, WPG have been involved with the production of many marketing materials for us from headed paper through to office signage. Everything has been completed to a high standard and with consistency.

How would you describe the quality of service and staff at WPG?

Very good quality service, very flexible and accommodating to our specific requirements.

Can you please complete a short sentence on your overall thoughts of WPG.

WPG are a strong, reputable, local company who produce fabulous results for individual requirements.


We are so pleased to have linked with a company like McCartneys and we thank you for choosing WPG. WPG are already looking forward to working with you again in the near future. So, without further ado, WPG are delighted to announce McCartneys LLP as our Customer Focus for March 2020.

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