Pricing is an aspect that everyone takes seriously no matter what the subject. Which is why WPG take everything into consideration when pricing up your jobs. We understand that all of our customers are different, and that also means all jobs are different.

We consider all the important issues such as;

  • The material to be sent
  • The size of the mailing
  • The number of items in each envelope
  • The type and size of an envelope
  • How quickly it needs to be considered

There are many more considerations too, but we ensure that each quote is specifically tailored to your needs. As there is loads to think about, our experience team will help you down the right track and help you make the right decisions. Thanks to the postage discounts awarded by Royal Mail, we can save our customers an average of £275,000 every single year. Not only do we save you money, we can help find the most efficient way to meet our clients’ needs, whilst getting the most out of their mail campaigns.

We are very fortunate to have a good following of customers, who not only keep returning but are spreading the good word of the company.

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