Smudge’s 10 Year BangaversaryGlass Engraving

A few weeks ago, as we were coming out of lockdown, a fascinating man walked through our doors in Mid Wales to find a glass engraving service. He was celebrating an anniversary and a reunion with his ex-colleagues. This anniversary was the cause of a frightful situation, however it has lead to an inspiring story!

Clive Smith was the gentleman that visited Welshpool Printing Group, based in Powys, looking for a glass engraving service to make his gifts to his ex-colleagues even more special. We were very grateful to have been asked to provide the service for Smudge’s 10 Year Bangaversary.


We asked Clive a few questions to share his story and how he came to find Welshpool Printing Group on that day.

“I spent 12 years serving in the British Army, Royal Engineers and later deployed for my second tour of Afghanistan as an Improvised Explosive Device Technician.

As mad as many thought the choice of training within this, I could not wait to be able to start defusing these devices and saving lives as quickly as possible!

However, on the 13th October 2010 I was leading a 6 man patrol clearing a compound, and stepped on a pressure plate IED.

I was thrown feet into the air and landed back in a crater totally conscious but not aware of what had just happened, until the dust settled and looked at the absolute mess I was in and realised the severity of what just happened. Most of what happened then was a bit of blur. I attempted to self apply tourniquet’s to what was left of my legs. My finger was hanging off and the pain was becoming all too apparent within what must have been seconds the guys were on top of me and taking care of things. The next thing was getting air rescue and Chinooked back into camp Bastian and from there on back to The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Where I was resuscitated twice.

Both of my legs had gone, my finger was hanging on by a thread, I had broken multiple bones all over my body and I had septicaemia and required a full blood transfusion.

There was a lot more to follow after then but I was determined to not let the fact I was now disabled beat me and that’s the attitude I’ve kept now 10 years on!


Finding WPG

I came across WPG by chance, I had organised for the 5 guys that were in my team that day to come to mine for a sort of reunion, to come together after 10 years and just catch up! I wanted to get them each a gift to take away and keep to mark the anniversary or as it is called a “Bangaversary” or “Alive Day”.

So, I purchased some limited edition Whisky and Gin and wanted them personalised with engraving, myself and my wife were in Welshpool and went on the look out for an engravers, I popped into the reception of WPG just to enquire if they did engraving, I know that what I was asking was not what they would usually do they seemed to be a fairly big industrial printers and engravers with a warehouse so I expected to get a no, but they guy on reception was really engaging and when I explained he said “I’m sure we can do that for you”.

As easy as that, I left the bottles with him told him what I wanted engraving onto them and the next day I picked them up!

Really nice company and people to deal with!”


How we can help you?

We have been privileged to provide a top quality service to an ex-serviceman. His story, even though started as a tragic one, is inspiring and we felt like it should be shared!

Welshpool Printing Group provide a friendly and personal and professional service, and we do our best to ensure you are receiving the absolute best service. Glass engraving is just one of the services that Welshpool Printing Group can provide to you. So whatever product you are wanting, we will be sure to be able to help you.

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