A Giant deckchair is a great way to promote your brand or event.

They make a popular and fun backdrop for photos at any type of event or celebration

  • Events
  • Garden Centres
  • Holiday Parks
  • Show Stands
  • Weddings
  • Festivals
  • Schools
  • Tourist Attractions

This supersized deckchair can comfortably sit 2 adults.
(Aproximate dimensions: 180cm x 140cm)

Picture Perfect Deckchair


Not only does everyone love seeing a giant deckchair, but they will also all want to have a picture taken on one!

The giant deckchairs create a real buzz at festivals, events and tourist attractions.

People just can’t resist the chance of a photograph on a giant deckchair, you will see people flocking to have a picture and then share the pictures on social media.

So with all that possible social media coverage, they basically do your advertising for you!

Giant Deckchair Design

Our giant deckchairs can be fully customised with your logo and branding, photos and text.

The design possibilities are endless, we can help you create the perfect design or if you would prefer to get creative and design your own, the template is below.


Giant Deckchair Template WPG

Display & Storage

Giant Deckchairs are easy to assemble with a key locking hasp and staple lock to safely keep the chair in the upright position when on display.

Like all our promotional deckchairs, they can fold flat for storage.

The slings are strong and long-lasting but can be replaced or swapped as often as you need to keep up with changes to your brand or events.  Replacement slings are available – speak to us for more details – 01938 552260

Giant Deckchair on a Budget!

Would you like a personalised giant deckchair without the big cash outlay?

To save on the cost of your own personalised giant deckchair, you can purchase a giant deckchair sling from us and hire our frame for your events


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