Eco Friendly Printing

WPG are committed to offering high quality, eco-friendly printing.

We offer a range of recycled and FSC papers and are continually looking for more & more sustainable alternatives.

Eco Friendly Printing at WPG

forests-for-all-forever-logoUsing FSC® certified materials gives reassurance that they have been sourced from sustainably-managed forests. These forests act as huge carbon sinks which makes the overall CO2 emissions of the process incredibly low.

FSC® certified materials are also the more ethical choice as their principles include the well-being of the workers and communities within these habitats.

FSC C102875 logo-green

The mark of responsible forestry

See the FSC website for more information


Eco Friendly Printing with Carbon Balanced Paper

Carbon Balanced Print is an easy and simple and environmentally friendly option of printing that will reduce the carbon impacts of your printed products even further.

Carbon Balance with The World Land Trust

Carbon-Balanced-eco-friendly-printing-at-WPGWe can offer a huge choice of paper that has been carbon balanced, together with our paper suppliers and The World Land Trust, who are protecting natural ecosystems and species across the world.

Carbon Balancing with Forest Carbon

forest-carbon-for-carbon-balanced-print-at-WPGForest Carbon leads the way in UK woodland creation for carbon capture and peatland restoration projects.

This scheme has resulted in the planting of over 13 million new trees since 2006, removing nearly 3 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Carbon Offsetting 1 tonne of paper leads to the planting of 3 trees in the UK with Forest Carbon

Carbon Balanced Print

If you would like anymore information on our environmentally friendly printing services, please call us on 01938 552260

ISO-1400-Environmental-Management-System-accreditation eco friendly printing at WPG

ISO 14001
Environmental Management System

Our ISO 14001 certification ensures we work hard in our aim of reducing our environmental impact where possible. We are monitored and evaluated on our environmental performance and look at any improvements we can make meaning we are always working towards reducing our impact on the environment.

Gaining this ISO 14001 certification reflects our commitment to high quality, environmentally friendly printing.

Solar-panels-fitted-for-renewalble-energy and eco friendly printing at WPG

Eco Friendly Printing with Renewable Energy

Providing eco-friendly printing isn’t just about the paper, it’s about the whole printing process, including where we source our energy from.

In 2015, we had solar panels fitted to allow us to use renewable energy. This is another example of how we are constantly working to increase our efficiency whilst reducing our carbon footprint and reducing waste.



We ensure that all materials and waste products can be recycled at WPG.

Everything from paper to ink tins and wooden pallets, we make sure that we recycle everything we possibly can.

For more information on our eco friendly printing options, call our sales team on 01938 552260

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