Postage Discounts

WPG can provide the very best postage discounts. This is due to us being one of only 30 mailing houses chosen to be Partners in Quality with Royal Mail. WPG can cut your postage costs by up to half whether you are mailing out 200 postcards or 5,000 brochures.

Every single year we can save our customers more than £275,000 in postage costs. We understand that postage can be the most expensive element in your campaign. Therefore, saving a minuscule amount per item can make the difference between a profit and loss.

The knowledge and experience our staff have allows us to help tailor mailing to achieve the most appropriate, best value and postage rate for your company. Then, the money saved is more than likely to cover the costs of using WPG for your mailing.

Royal Mail have an environmental programme, known as Royal Mail’s Sustainable Mail. This allows us to get additional discounts thanks to our commitment to environmental issues.

WPG have accounts with Royal Mail and City Link. These couriers collect from our Welshpool base every working day. We also deal with all other major mail providers, allowing us to send mail all over the UK and overseas.

From experience, we know that the postal system is complicated and can be difficult to find the most effective and cheapest service. However, we make it our business to understand the system, which allows us to support you in your decision and help you save money.

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