Mailing List Services

WPG provide several mailing list services. The big question for direct marketing is who are you sending your mailing to? WPG can buy in mailing lists for your direct mailing campaign, or we can work with a list you supply or a combination of both.

Buying mailing lists can be a very complex tasks but WPG can find you the list and the supplier who is best for you and your company. Our experience in direct marketing allows us to understand and work with what best suits your campaign. This allows you to get the best results and help you generate more income.

WPG ensures that your mailing gets to the right people, those most likely to buy from you. This means we remove duplicate entries, checking against postcodes, and those who are not interested in receiving your mail, ensuring that you are targeting your most potential customers. We only use reputable suppliers and are registered under the Data Protection Act.

This is just an overview of what we can do to help you and what services we provide. Therefore, for more information please contact us by calling 01938 552260 or by using our contact form.

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