COVID 19 is still with us, and likely to stay with us for the foreseeable future. So here are some tips on the COVID signage that you may need to keep you, your staff and your customers safe now that furlough is coming to an end, businesses are starting back up again, and staff are returning to work.

Pre-Warn Your Staff & Customers at the door.
  • Give clear instruction on entering a building
  • Put up a poster asking your staff or visitors whether they have any COVID symptoms.
  • Ensure you have a QR code to allow for Track & Trace – This is mandatory requirement!
  • Show a clear message to get staff and visitors to take temperature.
Clear signage to encourage hand-washing or using hand sanitiser.
  • Ensure there are several sanitising stations with clear signage throughout the building
  • These can be removable stickers which can stick onto walls, wood, glass etc.
  • Use stickers or printed posters in bathrooms to encourage hand-washing regularly


Floor Signage
  • A one way system is encouraged by the government to avoid crossing with people in small spaces
  • Mark floor spaces to maximise how many people are in an individual area to encourage social distancing
  • Reducing the number of people in small spaces by using floor sticker markers.


  • Put up posters and signs to remind staff and customers to abide by the 2m social distance rule
  • Make it clear that everyone is required to wear face masks in public places at all times using signage throughout the building and at entrances
  • Remind everyone using stickers or posters to regularly wash and sanitise hands


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