What do you know about Carbon Balancing?

So, we all want to do our best for the environment. But I can imagine that some of you are wondering how are WPG helping the environment by printing on tons of thousands of paper every year. Do you know anything about carbon balancing?

We order the majority of our paper and materials from Antalis. They are a paper and packaging product provider and are the leading stockist in the UK and Ireland. We work with Antalis to source our materials and they provide us with the carbon balanced products we need. With Antalis being a huge part of the Forest Carbon Offsetting Scheme, they have ensured the plantation of new trees – 4.8 Million and counting since 2006.

The carbon impact of paper products is measured by the release of carbon which would normally be locked in by ecologically important standing forests, which are under real threat of clearance.


Carbon Balancing Scheme 1, Forest Carbon

Forest Carbon are leading the way with their voluntary production of new woodland throughout the UK.

By Carbon Offsetting 1 tonne of paper this would lead to the planting of 3 trees in the UK. Carbon Offsetting 1 tonne of plastic = the planting of 12 trees in the UK. And by Carbon Offsetting 1 tonne of ACM = the planting of 19 trees in the UK

To provide you with more information about Forest Carbon, please take a look at the video below on who Forest Carbon are.


How are WPG involved?

WPG are offering this service to all of our customers. So, if you are wanting to place an order for printing with us and you want your product to be carbon balanced, we can arrange this, and we all get to help the environment together. This does not only involve paper, but it also covers, boards, plastic, aluminium composite material (ACM) and nylon.

So far, in 2020 alone, by purchasing carbon balanced paper we have balanced the equivalent of 10,472kg carbon dioxide. This support will enable the World Land Trust to protect 7,330m2 of critically threatened tropical rainforest. This is proven by the certificate shown at the top of the page.

So would you like to be involved with the plantation of a million more trees in the UK?

Yes (I hear you say), then ask us for more information on how to carbon balance and get involved with environmentally friendly printing.

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