Keep warm and covered up this autumn and winter with a personalised and branded Snoods!


With the British weather always being very unkind to us at this time of year (And we are based in Mid Wales, so we certainly know), WPG have something new for you; Personalised and Branded Snoods for you and your businesses!

What is a snood? 

So, a snood is a looped scarf worn around the neck. You can even wear it as a hood on horrible wet days (which is an often occurrence for us). As we are all very well aware face masks are an outfit necessity at the moment. So, you can also use a snood to cover your nose and mouth when working or being around people, whilst keeping warm and cosy.



Minimum Order (Prices exclude VAT)
100 – £5.70 per snood
500 – £3.70 per snood
1000 – £3.40 per snood
2500 – £3.00 per snood
5000 – £2.30 per snood
10,000 – £2.00 per snood
20,000 – £1.80 per snood

And… for every snood we sell, we will donate 50p to the NHS.


Delivery times will vary depending on the quantity ordered. 

The design can be as simple or as detailed as you like. You can either have a plain snood or your branding all over (As shown in the image above).

For more information please contact us on the below details.


Still not set on the snood idea?  

WPG can also provide you with quality face masks with your branding, prices start from £3.50.


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