Binding Service

WPG offer a wide range of binding service processes assembling and fastening your individual printed pages within a cover.

Please see below some of the services that WPG can offer. To view samples or for more information – pick up the phone and speak to a member of our friendly team today 01938 552260.

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This is one of the most common types of binding. Wire is punched through the pages at the spine and then bent on the inside to hold all the pages (similar to stapling.)


This binding is similar to a saddle-stitched bind, except this time the wire is punched through the pages from the front through to the back of the document. It is then sometimes covered to hide the wire.

Loop Stitched

This is similar to saddle-stitched, but this time a loop is created with the wire on the spine so the document can be inserted into a ring binder.

Perfect Binding

Sections of folded pages are gathered together creating a spine and glued to a cover which is wrapped around them.

PUR Bound

Is the same process as Perfect Binding but using a stronger adhesive.

Comb Binding

Rectangular holes are punched into the pages of the document before the rings of the plastic comb are threaded through and wrapped around onto themselves, thus holding the pages in place.


Similar to spiral bound, except here the wire passes through each hole twice, removing the need to crimp the ends. The document’s pages will lie exactly next to each other when flat.

Tape Bound

An adhesive tape is wrapped around the spine of the document to hold the pages in place. Stab-stitching will often be used as well to help give strength to the document.

Burst Bind

Requires the spine to be notched, done during the folding process using a special burst notching attachment. During the binding process the glue penetrates the notches into the centre of the section.

Case Bind

Is the process for making hardcover books, such as reference books, yearbooks, children’s books, novels, vanity books, coffee table books. Case bound covers can be made of cloth, vinyl, and leather or printed.

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