We recently printed a very colourful collection of bespoke printed bullet journals for Acacia & Pine

When Mona at Acacia & Pine first approached us, we didn’t even know what a bullet journal was!

Apparently, they are also known as grid dot journals or dotted notebooks!

If you are still non the wiser and want to learn more, read Mona’s explanation below!

Bespoke Printed Bullet Journals For Acacia & Pine

The bullet journals we produced for Mona include 10 individual journals.

There is a choice of 5 different coloured and block foiled covers, each with a choice of  120gsm paper or 170gsm paper.

For even more individuality, the 5 different coloured covers each have a different symbol block foiled onto them.

  • Yellow Daffodil Journal
  • Orange Celtic Triskele Journal
  • Pink Love Spoon Journal
  • Green Tylwyth Teg
  • Navy Wheel of Arianrod Journal

A subtle Welsh theme runs through this set with a choice of Welsh symbols for each design.



The hardback covers were section sewn then perfect bound into hardback covers with colour coordinating endpapers.


The finished journals each come with 2 colour coordinating ribbons plus a pocket on the inside back pocket for storing bits and pieces

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What are bullet journals and why are Acacia & Pine’s journals the best choice?

Bullet journalling is a system created by Ryder Carroll. He invented a way of planning and systemising your daily tasks to maximise productivity.

He developed the use of different symbols, or ‘bullets’ to assign priorities to your tasks, and set up a notebook with contents pages, monthly calendars and events in a way that is easy to view at a glance.


Dotted pages inside a bullet journal

This concept was adopted by creative journallers who use art in various ways to decorate their journals and the idea exploded worldwide.

There are now thousands upon thousands of people bullet journalling as a way of tracking and planning their mental health, daily tasks, habits, for fun and to keep on top of their to-do list in a fun and creative way.

If you are looking for bespoke printed bullet journals for yourself, please get in touch for a no-obligation quotation

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What are bullet journals and why are Acacia & Pine’s journals the best choice?
By Mona Jethwa

The Acacia & Pine journals are built for this creative outlet. Bullet journallers need quality paper, prefer dot grid pages to create uniform boxes, lines and drawings and customise their planner layout the way they want. The 192 pages means it will last for the whole year without having to change notebooks in the middle, the large back pocket is designed to hold your stickers, decoupage papers, scrap bits of paper, post its…whatever you need to decorate your journal!

The 170 gsm paper is suited for journallers who like to use watercolour, markers, and heavier inks for their journal because the paper quality and weight means that there is no ghosting through the other side. That’s a huge grumble with us journallers!

The 120 gsm is also very versatile because it allows for fountain pens, ball points, colouring pens and holds stickers and glue really well.

The brilliant bright white pages mean that any colours you apply really pop!

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Original, Bespoke Book Printing

The two different coloured ribbons means that a journaller working on their current weekly spread can go straight to the right page without sifting through the book, but keep one ribbon on the monthly overview for easy access.

As far as I am aware, there are no other companies within the UK offering this specification of journal.

Add to that, every journal is made from FSC sustainably sourced paper and materials, printed locally in Wales for a Welsh business, and designed with Welsh symbolism, you’ve got a journal as unique as you!

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Acacia & Pine Bespoke Printed Bullet Journals

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