Be prepared for UK Holidays this summer and with them looking to take a kick start in May, make sure you’re beautiful holiday parks and cottages are ready for your guests. We can get you equipped and prepared to spruce up your parks and homes ready for your guests to arrive at the end of May (as proposed by the UK government).

Here are a few things that you may need before you open up your holiday parks and homes to guests this summer;

  1. Updated Signage

    How long has it been since you updated your signage for your holiday park/home? Make sure your details are up to date and visible for your guests to find your beautiful holiday park/home.

  2. COVID Safety Poster/Leaflet

    We’re not just out of the dark yet, but it’s looking pretty promising. Either way ensure your guests are staying safe with your very own COVID leaflet, on how to stay safe when they are on their relaxing getaway. Whether they are out and about in the local area or staying in to relax, make sure they are aware of all the safety measures they’ll need to understand and abide by.

  3. Promotional Products – Personalised pens, branded mugs etc.

    It’s always a professional look when you have your very own personalised pens, notepads and mugs throughout your holiday home and park. You can even leave them a complimentary gift, so they will always remember the wonderful time they had at your holiday destination, and that may even give them the opportunity to rebook with you.

  4. Welcome Pack

    A welcome pack is always a must with a holiday getaway. Give your guests all the information they need on how to use appliances in the home, how to get about the local area, and all the amenities you have on site. By giving them a nice warm welcome, they will feel at home straight away and will always remember you as the holiday who gave them everything they needed to enjoy a relaxing trip away.

  5. Things-To-Do guide of local area

    Going somewhere completely new can be very daunting to anyone. So give your guests ideas on what to do and where to go to enjoy the most out of their holiday break away. Create a flyer or a guide on all the fun activities they can do during their stay with you, whether it’s for families, groups or couples, ensure they’re well aware to make their trip with you a memorable one.


So before all holiday destinations, parks and homes open up for the summer of our lives, make sure you are well prepared for UK holidays when your guests arrive. Get in touch today so we can help you get everything in check for when the holiday boom starts. Contact us using the details below.

Holiday home in barmouth UK Holiday destination - steps leading down to a beach

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