WPG in the community

WPG does it’s very best to help businesses and organisations in the local community around Welshpool. WPG has supported many organisations throughout Powys and Shropshire over the years. We have also supported schools and colleges by providing recycled paper for them to use on a day to day basis.

Please see a list below of some of the clubs, charities and organisations we have supported over the years;

By ensuring that WPG works  in the local community, we are supporting great organisations and businesses allowing them to flourish in alternative ways. We can provide them a service where they don’t have to worry, so they can concentrate on the most important things involved with their club, charity or organisation.

Do you see a way where WPG can support and help you locally? We would love to hear from you and see how we can support your journey with your organisation. Contact us today using the details below, and we can discuss how we can support you moving forward in the local community.

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