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As a business, we believe that it is our responsibility One change that we have implemented to offset to be environmentally friendly and to help you to be carbon emissions are the 181 solar panels, which too! are housed at the WPG factory. This is a 50kw
system, which helps reduce our carbon footprint and Over the years, we’ve taken time to gain the following reduce the energy used.
accreditations and certifications:
We also supply waste paper to schools and other ISO9001 projects such as T.E.A – saving the school money and
ISO14001 making use of scrap paper, which would otherwise FSC Certification need to be recycled.
We know it is our duty to understand, monitor and With a substantial investment into a new energy control the impact that our businesses have on the efficient lighting system, we have also been able to environment, and we aim to do whatever it takes to reduce our energy consumption by 15%.
minimise and offset any potential effects.
Eco How we are Helping
Carbon Balanced Paper offers a simple way for printers, paper makers and distributors to balance the carbon impact of the paper they use through conservation projects undertaken by World Land Trust (WLT).

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