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We can audit your database advising on duplicate records and run it through the various suppression files available, such as gone-aways, change of addresses and deceased thereby managing and keeping it current. This will save you money on your print runs, packing and postage.
We are able to supply both B2B and B2C records using your client criteria and selections in order to profile your campaign.
Accurate, profiled mailings can generate a positive response from your clients – without them having to endure multiple packs landing on their mat.
Through our expert design team, we are able to produce a design from the simplest of briefs, creating a personalised mail pack that works for the recipient and maximises any available postage discounts. We will always advise on the most cost effective print solution and by working with WPG we are able to provide you with samples and examples to find the best solution for you.
Data Sourcing/Auditing &
Discounts can also be gained through the processing of the data, and the personalisation of the mail piece and we are more than happy to advise what will work best for your mailing.
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